Planning 55.000 trees in Uganda

Planning 55.000 trees in Uganda TROFACO was in Uganda in late February and early March. We checked out locations where we can plant in this and several coming years. We asked CIDI in Masaka to find schools to host 15,000 trees. All the way in Uganda’s South, in the...

Planning and checking in Uganda

In November TROFACO visited Uganda. We worked with friends in CIDI to assess growth of the planted trees (they are doing well) and discuss plans for next year’s significantly larger plantings. CIDI facilitated collaboration with the Kingdom of BUganda, which has available land and good management capacity. So we will plant many trees on their land in 2019. Communities will still get benefits.

TROFACO visiting Cambodia for verification

In October 2018 Huong and Steffen from TROFACO visited four provinces in Cambodia to verify planting sites and trees. Ms. Thida from CAFACA, Mr. Samol for Farmer and Nature Network and two students joined the team. We took images and measured a lot of trees!