TROFACO in Vietnam


In June 2016 TROFACO visited Vietnam and assessed, together with our partner ActionAid Vietnam (AAV), options for implementing the ‘Social Climate Trees’ program. The focus this time was on Kien Giang province in the deep Southwest of Vietnam. This is a coastal area, low-lying and already hit seriously by consequences of Climate Change. Most soils and the groundwater have turned salty, so drinking water has to be provided from outside. It is being sailed in by boat, on the many canals.

The district government (Peoples’ Committee) suggested the banks of these canals as one site they could plant a lot of trees, as there are many canals and they recently have been dredged, leaving empty banks. Also, several sites around schools and temples were identified. The district and province will work with AAV to try and find a sponsor for this important tree-planting, and TROFACO will provide technical advice and verification.


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