This is Africa


We received news from our partner CIDI. The trees that were planted for our partner GrowForIt in the town of Soroti, had met a sorry fate. They got eaten by goats! We had an agreement with the town government: A classic tale of everybody being responsible and therefore nobody taking responsibility. Trees were planted and protected by nice cages, as agreed. Cages were made of good quality wood, so some people took them and sold the wood. Then the goats had free access. Some goats ‘got arrested’ by police, but that did not help the dead trees. As stated in the agreement, the town actually replanted a lot of trees. Goats ate them as well...



And this is ALSO Africa

TroFaCo’s partner CIDI saw the situation and immediately decided to replant the trees that died. But this time the planting would be together with local communities, who have clear responsibility and sense of ownership. And CIDI pays for the seedlings and replanting.


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