Take action by planting trees to compensate for an entire life’s worth of CO2 emissions. Choose between having them in a large planting or at a school.


In any EU-country, the average annual emissions of a person are well below 20 tonnes CO2. In both our lifelong packages we plant 700 large trees, each absorbing 15-25 tonnes CO2 in their lifetime, so even with thinning of the stand to 1/4 of the trees (which may be preferable in some locations), we still deliver more than you need!

So what is the difference between the two packages?

Both of our lifetime-packages plant 700 trees and absorb the same amount of CO2 .



There are two different ways of doing it though. By bundling orders and planting them all in one large planting site, we can make the process more cost-efficient and therefore the price is a bit lower. Your payment will still help fund local infrastructure in the community, but you will not be able to see the exact location of your trees.  

For a more personal touch, we have developed another package through collaboration with local schools. By choosing this package, you help fund trees at a school in Uganda. The trees will be planted on the school grounds, and as they grow they will provide various benefits for the children and your payment will help them run the school.