On this page, you can help us plant trees. By buying climate compensation with us, you plant trees in tropical countries. You will receive a certificate of your purchase with details about where your trees are planted and using the name of the location you can follow the progress of your trees. Go to our planting sites to see examples of this. 


Choosing the right package can be quite confusing. Each tree we plant, as we’ve shown, sequesters at least three tonnes of CO2. Therefore, the package with 50 trees sequesters 150 tonnes and so on. But what does all this mean in practice?

We’ve found some information and footprint calculators to help show the average yearly CO2 emissions of a citizen in different countries (see below) . For calculating the emissions of traveling by plane to a given destination, we also have a calculator for that. Have a look!

En dansker udleder gennemsnitligt 9,8 tons CO2 pr år (tal fra Energistyrelsen, for 2014). Dette tal inkluderer ikke internationale rejser og CO2 forbrugt i de produkter, vi køber. Hvis vi tager det med, kommer vi op på ca. 19 tons pr person pr år.


Pro Jahr setzt jeder Deutsche im Durchschnitt elf Tonnen des klimaschädlichen Treibhausgases frei.: welt.de

Berechner der WWF:  ‘Haben Sie 10 Minuten Zeit? Dann machen Sie mit und erstellen Sie sich anhand unseres CO2-Rechners Ihre persönliche Kohlendioxid-Bilanz. Wahlweise können Sie auch den Ausstoß Ihres gesamten Haushalts berechnen.’: WWF Berechner

On average each UK household has a carbon footprint of 12.5 tonnes per year. This number is highly dependable of where you live, as well as your lifestyle. Here is a link to a homepage, where you can calculate your own footprint, if you like.

On average each US household has a carbon footprint of 48.5 tonnes per year.
This number is highly dependent of where you live, as well as your lifestyle. You can see average CO2 footprints in your local area on this map of zip-codes. Here is a link to one homepage, or another, where you can calculate your own footprint, if you like.

An average Dutch household produces eight tonnes of CO2 a year from energy in the home and transport. In addition, the household causes 15 tonnes indirect CO2 emissions because of food and clothing.