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TROFACO has partnered up with various businesses ever since it’s beginning. From the large shipping company, Ancotrans, to the small skateboard shop Jaeger’s. Each business is unique and has unique needs, and therefore, we tailor each climate action partnership to be a perfect fit for you. On this page you can read an example of a partnership and learn more about what we might be able to do for you.

 Tree-planting trucks

 Danish shipping company, ANCOTRANS, is planting an entire forest. It all started with an ambition of offsetting 15% of the carbon emissions from their transports, but has quickly become much more ambitious. Not only will they compensate their own transports, but they offer all of their partners and clients the opportunity to help them create their very own forest! The first steps towards this new Anco Forest were undertaken in 2019 with the planting of the first 5.000 trees, and there are many, many more underway. All of the trees are planted in the same area in extension of each other, so after a while, ANCOTRANS and their partners will have planted an entire forest! We aim to make the documentation of our project with ANOCTRANS tangible. One example of how we do this, is by drone flyover of the first plantings, which is shown in the video below. Here we see the planting area with all the newly planted saplings. As the trees are still very small in this video, they are hard to see, but each dark circle is a newly planted tree!

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