Planning in Uganda


TROFACO’s CEO was in Uganda in March, working with our local partner CIDI in Soroti district. The work is about identifying sites for new plantings this year (in Soroti you can only plant this time when the rains are falling). We have met with three schools who are all very interested and have large, suitable land. CIDI is very good in explaining to them that the trees are free, but they need to have clear management mechanisms for the trees and they are responsible to replant, if trees die.

CIDI staff (Joseph, David, Samuel and others) learn how use Google Earth and make a screenshot. Most of the local sites could be found just by entering name of e.g. a school

 At the same time, we show CIDI how to identify sites on Google Earth, take screenshots of the sites and report the plans for each site to TroFaCo. 


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