Planning 55.000 trees in Uganda

 TROFACO was in Uganda in late February and early March. We checked out locations where we can plant in this and several coming years. We asked CIDI in Masaka to find schools to host 15,000 trees. All the way in Uganda’s South, in the Minziro Hills, we planned for 30,000 trees together with the local community forest group, which CIDI helped come into existence some years ago.

One hill in the Minziro area, where planting will start this month (March 2019). Organised by CIDI and the local community forest group, paid for by TROFACOs sponsors, not least GrowForIt.

The Miziro hills are expansive and barren. There used to a big, natural forest continuing into Tanzania. TROFACO expect to help reforest large parts of those hills in the coming years. 

CIDI and TROFACO also established collaboration with the Buganda Kingdom. In a joint effort we will plant trees in the Mityana area west of Kampala. Here Lake Wamala is drying up and filling with silt. This is because forest cover has been reduced and very thirsty Eucalyptus trees have been planted in some locations.

The Buganda Kingdom (environmental section) has formed a coalition of communities and local governments in the area. They will bring forest cover back, in a belt of at least 50-meter width. Trees will likewise be planted around the Papyrus-swamps at the lake’s inlets. The forest will consist of indigenous species. Later the coalition will even add forest in the watersheds of rivers and streams leading to the lake.TROFACOs trees, as sponsored by our supporters, will contribute significantly to the reforestation, and local communities and authorities will manage and enjoy benefits. We start with 10,000 trees.



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