Our concept

The TROFACO model

Our model

Cost-efficient carbon capture
Tree-planting is the most cost-efficient form of carbon capture currently available to the world. Therefore, we make use our many years of forestry- and development expertise to help plant as many trees as possible.

Climate action through community engagement
We provide action in collaboration with strong communities in tropical countries. The communities take great care of the trees and the trees, in turn, provide a source of income and food. This is is the greatest strength of our model; mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Using technology for transparent and tangible documentation
Recent developments in database, drone, and GPS technology has made it possible to provide incredibly tangible documentation. Maps, pictures, and videos from our tree planting projects make the impact of our supporters clearly visible. This minimises the need for expensive consultants, reports, and administrative personnel, which ensures a larger sum of money for the people most deserving; the communities actually planting the trees and living with the effects of global warming.  

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Planting trees

TROFACO is all about planting trees. The trees are all local species sourced from nurseries in the area. 

Empowering communities

We use our extensive experience in the field to support organised communities in the tropics. 

Documenting our results

Using drones, GPS, and field-work, our light-weight and documentation model is inexpensive yet incredibly credible.