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How do you ensure the survival of the trees?

We make sure our trees survive in various ways. First of all, our strong partners and hard-working communities take very good care of their trees, and we make sure to educate and guide them in forestry practices. TROFACO pays for mechanical weeding during the first two years after planting, when the trees are still small. It is inevitable that some trees will die, so we account for this. In our calculations of carbon capture, we assume a survival rate of 25%, even though the actual survival rate is upwards of 80%. This means you are always guaranteed the amount of carbon capture we promise. Additionally, in our tree-planting agreement with communities, the farmers are liable to replant any trees that may die during the first two years. 

How much does a ton of CO2 capture cost?

Our price for climate action varies with the type and frequency of documentation. We can do everything from field visits and photos every third year or detailed reports, drone photography, and third party verification every six months. The more detailed the documentation is, the more it costs. No matter what sort of documentation you want, our prices are definitely lower than other options out there. If you want an estimate, feel free to reach out.

Who are your partners?
In Denmark, we have  a strategic  collaboration agreement with ANCOTRANS, who reach out to other international freight companies. Similarly, with DanChurchAid (a leading NGO), where we plant trees that they  promote in their climate action packages and to corporate partners. In Uganda, our main partner is CIDI, and in Cambodia, we work with Farmer and Nature Network (FNN).
Does TROFACO use a climate standard?

The short answer is no. Our opinion is that current voluntary carbon standards are much too expensive due to their high administration costs and consultant fees. There are few benefits left to the communities. In spite of their steep costs, these carbon standards are not always transparent and trustworthy enough for us. (You may find a more extensive comparison under documents and reports –  in footer)

Can TROFACO's trees be sold more than once?

We have a publicly accessible database with all our planting sites, where you can see your name alongside the trees planted. This is also where we upload all images for documentation, together with the names of customers for these trees. Keeping this data public ensures transparency and eliminates the risk of selling the same trees more than once – which unfortunately has happened for others. We also actively encourage our supporters to go visit their trees, and we will help them with arrangements.

Where does my money go?

First, we pay each community a certain amount per tree planted. This goes through our local partner, and is stated in agreements with the oartner and the community.

30% of what is paid to us is transferred to an independent CO2 fund. This will later – at some years’ intervals – be apid out to the communties, for taking good care of the trees.

The rest is used by TROFACO, mainly to document and verify, and to develop new planting areas and new partners

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