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On this page, we will elaborate on the benefits of our way of doing things. We have inserted some links in various places to our reports and articles if you want to read more about it in detail.


Under the current carbon standards the development of a product often costs more than 200,000 USD per project. The reasons for these huge cost are complicated protocols, which require hiring of external consultants and complicated reporting. For this reason it is only possible to work with larger projects, as the initial cost of development would often be too much for a small to medium sized project.

By applying our inexpensive, yet highly credible verification, we ensure that we can plant relatively small stands of trees (and of course big ones as well, if land is available).

Finding large pieces of available land can be difficult, and there are examples of people being chased off their land, trees being planted in cleared forest areas and in areas where land-ownership is contested. We avoid these issues by planting in mainly smaller, unused areas identified by the local community. Furthermore, by saving expensive project development cost, we can pay farmers 25-30% of the price we ask you, which means more money for local development.


When documenting the growth of trees we have the benefit that they don’t go anywhere, and that they are immensely visible. As we find suitable land and plant the trees, we provide pictures that are time- and geo-referenced and placed on a map on our website. This, in our opinion, is the best and most transparent kind of documentation possible. You, as the sponsor/customer, get to see your trees grow and you can locate them on a map from the information on your certificate. (And when Google Maps updates their satellite photos, you will even be able to see them from space!)

If you are an institution or a company and you want to be very sure everything is above-board, we actually suggest you to give a trip to your auditor, or any employee you want to reward. They are welcome to visit the planting site(s). TROFACO will help make the arrangements and provide you with any tools or information you need to verify – and all of this is still a lot cheaper than getting a verification report under a standard!


The greatest benefits to the communities come from the trees and from the products people may get from them, such as fruits, medicine, timber and so on. At the current level of climate-CO2 prices, the income for the climate compensation is secondary, albeit still nice. If we,  in order to adhere to a standard, had to restrict the kinds of trees that could be planted the farmers and communities would receive significantly fewer of these benefits. As any kind of tree absorbs CO2, it doesn’t really matter in terms of climate impact which kinds of trees are planted.