Documents & Reports

On this page you can find  documentation about our organisation and how and what we do. We aspire to be as transparent as possible, and therefore we make everything available to you.

We have divided the documents into categories to make it easier to navigate. New documentation will be uploaded continuously, but send us a message and let us know if there is anything additional you would like to know.



What we do




2019 Activites Report

A report of TROFACO’s activities for the year 2019.


2020 Activities Report

A report of TROFACO’s activities in 2020


Members of TROFACO Advisory Board

Alist of our Advisory Board members and their profiles


CO2 foundation

The Articles of Association for the TROFACO CO2 foundation


2021 Activites Report

A report of TROFACO’s activities for the year 2021.

Agreements with communties

Sample Tree Planting Agreement

An example of the tree planting agreement we make with our suppliers in the local communities.


Tree Planting Guide

The guide we issue to partners and communities to provide them with the necessary understanding of tree planting and upkeep.

List of planted trees

A list of the different species of trees we have planted in collaboration with our partners.


Carbon Assessing

A document showing the way we assess the amount of carbon in a planting. This will show the calculations, biology, and chemistry behind our carbon assessments.


Sustainable Development Goals and TROFACO

Brief summary how TROFACO contribute towards the SDGs.


Climate standards and TROFACO

A summary of how TROFACO compares to various climate standards


Summary Report, Cambodia, 2015

A summary report of our tree planting project in Cambodia.

Screening Note

Our criteria for identifying new, national partners