Corona hits, and TROFACO expands.


Things are going well and we are not much affected by the Covid-19. Of course there is no travel. So we use the time for other developments:

ANCOTRANS is moving decisively to involve their own customers in offsetting the emissions from container transport by ANCOTRANS trucks. A number of high-profile companies are coming onboard: DB Schenker  in Germany, and Danish companies as well. Hence, TROFACO and CIDI have planted 5,000 extra trees at ‘ANCOTRANS hill in Uganda.

We have entered a comprehensive collaboration agreement with a leading DanChurchAid (DCA), one of the largest and most well-respected Danish NGOs in international development. It involves climate action  through TROFACO  by the corporate partners of the DCA, starting with a major energy company (Natur-Energi) and growing much from there. It also contains offsetting for DCA’s own travel. Further elements are being developed. Danes will hear more in the press! The trees from this collaboration will mainly be at Kachera, also in Uganda.

We have established collaboration with Copenhagen University to provide third-party verification for partners, who may require this.

TROFACO is communicating with some like-minded organisations (WeForest, BOS+, Mossy Earth and others) in Europe. We are exchanging ideas and information in many areas, and exciting things may be expected. Stay tuned!

 St. Jude primary school in Kachera, Uganda. TROFACO planted 500 Mango trees and 500 ‘Musizi’ trees (valuable timber), there in April. 700 trees are, so far,  sponsored by Natur-Energi, through DanChurchAid


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