CIDI Delivers!


In early May 2018 TROFACO’s CEO went to Soroti in Uganda again to check on progress. CIDI has found an area where to replace the 4,200 trees that the goats ate (See previous post).

The choice is a church, which operates a ‘Child Development Center’ for orphans. More than 2,500 trees have been planted and planting was ongoing. They will reach the 4,200 within a few days.

CIDI pays.

Also, trees have been planted on four schools under agreement with TroFaCo. Here TROFACO pays (through GROW|FOR|IT ).

CIDI has worked intensively with the church and schools. Agreements have been signed and the ‘hosts’ for the trees have developed management plans. As the story with the goats show, animals need to be kept out. For this they use Lantana, which you and I can buy in the supermarket. In Africa it forms an impenetrable thicket – and cows and goats do not like them.

The town of Soroti is also replanting some of the dead trees. They have learned the lesson: Now they involve the local communities, who decide where they want the trees and also do the planting. So they have ownership. And CIDI is checking.

In addition, four schools in Western Uganda (Rakai) have planted trees. One of these is sponsored by Danish International Studies abroad/DIS.


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