Caritas in Eastern Uganda plants trees with TROFACO


TROFACO has been following up in Uganda on our agreement with Eastern Archdiocese Development Network of Caritas (EADEN). We sponsored EADEN’s first planting of 1,350 trees, with Caritas Tororo in the South-eastern corner of Uganda.

EADEN is then, on its own initiative and endorsed by the archbishop of Tororo, planting further 1,500 trees in Moroto and 1,500 in Kotido. These are districts in the semi-desert Karamoja area of eastern Uganda.

EADEN will promote collaboration within the global catholic community on using their collaboration with TROFACO to heed the call of Pope Francis for effective climate action in his encyclical letter Laudato ‘Si. TroFaCo provides verification and technical assistance.

For more information you may contact Godfrey Muhwezi Director of EADEN. Mail:


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