The trees are growing and TROFACO is developing


2019 has been very kind to TROFACO, with much attention from big and small companies as sponsors, as well as support from many, many private persons. We ended up planting some 60,000 trees, which will absorb more 180,000 tonnes of CO2. Thanks!

We have strengthened our procedures and further increased our accountability through a new, much better database for organizing all our data and for clear presentation of the verification images.

And the trees are doing great, not least because we have been able to identify solid partners from early on – and deselected some partners that did not perform.

In December our teams visited Cambodia: In several schools and temples teachers, monks and local people have added more trees, as they see how useful they are and how much the people enjoy them. 

 Schoolchildren at Santey Serey School in Kampot, Cambodia, playing in the ‘TROFACO-forest’, planted in 2014:


In Uganda, the trees grow so fast we have a hard time believing it. Trees at Kabaale Makondo Primary School. The trees were planted in 2017.

The climate emergency is over us, and TROFACO wants to do as much as it possibly can to help revert it. So, we have identified new large areas with strong, reliable communities in Uganda and we start looking for other places in Africa and Asia.

If any of you have suggestions for partners in other countries, please let us know. Then we can check and test if they perform as well as the ones we work with now. Some will do!


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