Our concept, simply put

Planting trees

Trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Planting a lot of them is therefore a cost effective tool against climate change. Trees also provide other benefits such as prevention against erosion and drought.

Documenting results

We document every step of the process of planting trees. Through GPS technology, drones, and cameras, we are able to provide credible documentation of our results. 

Developing communities

We collaborate with local communities who plant and take care of our trees. Through this, communities develop as the industry of planting trees generate, among other, jobs  and food.  

How it works



You recieve an e-mail confirmation with the purchase of your trees.

Our local partners will find the best place to plant your trees. Your trees will be planted on areas that are not or cannot be used for farming.

You will receive a certificate with information about the planting site once the trees have been planted. The certificate includes a unique ID that guarantees the planting of your trees.

You can follow your trees as they grow in our database. Click here to see it!

Visit our documentation database 

Our partners