Credible CO2 removal that empowers tropical communities.

Our concept, simply put

Planting trees

Trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Planting a lot of them is therefore a cost effective tool against climate change. Trees also provide other benefits such as prevention against erosion and drought.

Documenting results

We document every step of the process of planting trees. Through GPS technology, drones, and cameras, we are able to provide credible documentation of our results in our public database. 

Empowering communities

We collaborate with tropical communities who plant, take care of and have full ownership of the trees. Through this, communities are empowered as the industry of planting trees generate, among other, jobs  and food.  

How it works



TROFACO and partnering organisations identify reliable tropical communities, that can benefit from a planting site. Local nurseries and community members are hired to plant the trees of their choosing, as they have complete ownership of the trees and land.

TROFACO verifies that the trees have survived the initial and most challenging stage of life. Only then are they put up for sale for our customers. No hypothetical climate compensation and promises of future planting. Just real trees.

When you’ve found the right solution in our web shop and completed your purchase, you receive a Certificate of Climate Action that carries a unique identifier, linking your purchase to the specific planting site. 

TROFACO and our partners carry out annual field visits, to ensure that the trees are thriving. We provide photographical documentation of our visits in the public database, so you can feel comfortable, knowing the trees are doing what they’re supposed to: capture carbon and provide community benefits.

30% of all of TROFACO’s income is placed in an independent fund. After a period of typically five years, the fund distributes available means among associated communities. The community collectively decides how to use the income they receive.


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